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Harbor Wallet

A comprehensive desktop wallet for XRP that is both fast and easy to use.

Stable Connection using a Private Rippled Node

Peer to Peer Trading

Convert XRP Into Other Coins

Advanced Order Types such as Trailing Stop Loss

Reservoir Lite

Providing XRP escrow transaction processing that is fast, cheap and just plain easy.

Unmatched Security for XRP storage

Extremely Low Fee of 0.25%

Immutable Term Lengths

No Technical Skills Required

Jonathan Green

Founder, CTO, Lead Developer
Jonathan is a passionate developer and computer science enthusiast, throughout his career he has provided coherent, clean, and legible code for clients in the private sector to the US government. He is a US Marine Veteran that has a passion for learning everything technical about XRP and EOS blockchains.

Daniel Carroll

Co-Founder, CMO, Community Manager, UX Guru
Daniel has a masters degree in internet marketing and a deep knowledge of front-end development and UX principles. He has provided marketing consulting and management to many businesses in a variety of sectors. He is a US Army Veteran, Entrepreneur an avid XRP enthusiast.